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Mining communities aligned with entrepreneurship and legality


For the National Government the priority is to formalize mining as a development engine, therefore and with the main purpose of optimizing the application process for a Special Reserve Area (ARE), the Vice Presidency of Promotion and Development delivered five Mining Geological Studies (EGM) to different communities located in the departments of Cauca, Chocó, Córdoba and Caldas.

The studies that were delivered in person in Bogotá on July and August 2019, are the best scenario to review important details for the fulfillment of the acquired obligations and the optimal progress of the entrepreneurship and formalization route.

For the NMA and the community, the EGM studies are the starting point to make mining work more efficient, under quality standards aimed to obtain a concession contract.

Undoubtedly, the purpose of the mining community is to grow, stop being informal and contribute to the regions, then it is necessary to assume formalization as the transformation of the business vision, making it a structured, comprehensive and profitable entrepreneurship project.

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