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continental gold

BURITICÁ. With a positive perspective, the Canadian Continental Gold continues its construction and assembly stage during 2019. With a construction of 1,000 meters of underground development per month, recorded a 76% progress as of June 31st of this year, achieving satisfactorily the established schedule. In addition to allowing the start of commercial production for the first quarter of 2020, this progress has led to different investors worldwide joining the project, highlighting significant investments between 2017 and 2018, such as:

-       RK Mine Finance made an investment of US$25 million in 2017

-       Newmont Goldcorp, the largest gold producer in the world, made an investment of US$109 million, obtaining 19,9% ​​of shares and subsequently made a second investment of US$50 million in bonds, which, at the time of becoming effective, will allow the mining company to obtain 28% of these shares.

-       Tripleflag Mining Finance Ltd, with a successful closing on the Stock Exchange, carried out a streaming for US$100 million (payment in advance of the production).

-       Announcement of strategic investment by Eric Sprott, Canadian tycoon, worth US$ 25 million.



CHUSCAL. The Australian Metminco and South African Anglo Gold Ashanti mining project in the Miraflores mining district is progressing successfully. Following the joint venture between the two miners and after the obtaining of four concession contracts that are part of the project for the first half of 2019, Metminco expects to invest about US$2.5 million in exploration after its merger with the Australian mining company Andes Resources Limited.



MINEROS S.A. The Colombian mining company continues to consolidate in Latin America, after acquiring projects in Nicaragua and more recently in San Juan in Argentina and Atacama in Chile, managing to increase production in the first quarter by 54% in comparisson to the same period of 2018.



AU VERT MINING GROUP. During 2018, the Company built the new plant in Condoto - Chocó, recognized for having the largest alluvium platinum operation.

AuVert - Mining Group is developing a project of great impact for the Condoto region, with the objective of executing the exploitation of minerals with environmental responsibility and high performance of the operations.

This project, more than a benchmark of good practices mining, is the evidence of a synchrony of the mining sector with the development of the regions, through sustainable development, good practices, legality and generation of opportunities, considering that 80% of its employees will be inhabitants of the region.

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